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Asset management

PCM Private Capital Management SA offers two types of asset management:

Portfolio management takes place according to an investment policy chosen by the client. The relevant factors to take into account are : the global wealth, the need for a steady income, the degree of aggressiveness and thus the risk/return level desired, the fiscal issue and the reference currency.

An ongoing dialogue between the client and the company will define precise objectives based on the client's profile together with continuous readjustment in line with constantly changing economic environment.

The aim is to offer tailor-made strategies to the client and to ensure the best return within the chosen investment policy.

Hence, we tend to offer absolute return performance through innovative Strategic and Tactical Asset Allocations.

Cash management consists in running operative accounts in the most efficient way, which means surveying the turnover to minimise the operative costs and maximise the return on liquidity.

Under both types of management, the client is linked to the company through a power of attorney, limited to the assets management, which he grants to the company.

Commercial operations

PCM Private Capital Management SA can provide its clients a complete range of commercial facilities, including:

  • Incorporation and administration of onshore companies
  • Management of corporate accounts
  • Negotiation and implementation of credit lines, bank guarantees and letters of credit

Trade and Finance

Because of its worldwide network of highly qualified professionnals including the main merchant banks and financial institutions, PCM Private Capital Management SA can help in project development and financing.

Furthermore the company assists its clients in setting up the most effective trading structure.


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